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Barangay Poblacion West


Historical Background

There is no available written account on the history of Poblacion West, but it could not be assured that its history being in the center of the Municipality. The town which was founded by the Spaniards in the year 1689 and was formally established in the year 1733 when a license was granted to it by the Governor General.

The town was formerly a wilderness inhabited by Aetas ruled by an Aetas Woman Chieftain who established the seat for her kingdom in a place called Macicampo, located at the eastern portion of the Barangay.
Years later, some Malays who migrated to the Philippines settled in the Ilocos Region, and who were later called Ilocanos, moved southward of Pangasinan and those who reached this eastern part were met with hostility by the Aetas. The Aetas were later forced to retreat and moved eastward to a place now called Binmaley and later fled to the mountain of Sierra Madre.

The settlers found the place to be very fertile and full of promises so that they also became hostiles attitude of the people was warned on the year passed until people from neighboring towns and province came and made the place their permanent domicile.

Barangay Poblacion West, was created by virtue of MC No. 73-2, Resolution No. 13 series of 1973 where upon it was made a district and separate barangay.
Barangay Poblacion West is one of the twenty-one (21) barangay of Asingan, Pangasinan. It is bounded in the north by barangay Macalong, on the south by barangay Baro, in the east by Poblacion East, and Wes by barangay Domanpot.

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