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Heidee L. Ganigan-Chua, 40 years of age, married, and a natural-born Filipino citizen is a WOMAN OF ASPIRATIONS. Her greatest goal is to serve the people with dignity and be part of their lives. Her motto in life “The best way to serve God is to serve the people,” by all means strengthened her will to push through no matter how hard it might be to be a public servant. Young as she might be, her contributions to her community prove her as one of the great heroes of Asingan.

One of Heidee’s greatest accomplishments in life is to have the honor and privilege to serve the people of Asingan.  As a child, she was exceptional. In her primary and secondary years, she was given an award for being the most outstanding pupil/student in her school. She graduated with the highest honors. Add to this her becoming Miss Talent/3rd runner up in the Limgas ng Dayat (Pangasinan). Thus, her having a well-rounded personality. Her preparation to this task as a public servant was enormously gained from her leadership to different school organizations during primary, secondary and college days. But her greatest source in achieving her goals is the desire to help the people especially the less fortunate. The devastating and hopeless situation of her constituents she had experienced firsthand made her run for the seat as the local chief executive.

Heidee’s career is phenomenal. From “magbobote: or junk shop worker/owner to softdrink dealer, she became the first woman and youngest Mayor of Asingan. Prior to her present position in the local government of Asingan, Pangasinan, she was then a member of the Sangguniang Bayan and then succeeded the Office of the Vice Mayor. She possesses the softest heart for the elders and young people of Asingan. Her involvement in the public service was duly recognized because of her dedication, hard work and unquestionable concern to her constituents. She was given awards and citation for this cause. She was elected the Highest Ranking Sangguniang Bayan Member in 2007, succeeded the Office of the Vice Mayor in 2008, and awarded Plaque of Recognition by the Department of Education Region I Pangasinan II in 2008. She was also recognized by the Asingan Town Fiesta Executive Committee as Achiever of Asingan in 2009, awarded the Outstanding Vice Mayor of Pangasinan in 2009 by DepEd Region I – Pangasinan II, honored by the Philippine Councilors League of Pangasinan, Pangasinan Chapter, as one of the Outstanding Presiding Officers of Pangasinan in 2009, and received citation for being the First Woman and Youngest Mayor of Asingan by the Pangasinan State University in 2010. Her accomplishments made her one of the most trusted public servants of Asingan today. Her achievements and awards resulted in her advancement to public service. It is indeed her worthy endeavor to be in the position of promoting the interests of the needy and the young people as well. She believes that she can contribute to the welfare of the people and in nation building by first working in her community and reaching out to the needs of her constituents.

Heidee Chua’s unending support to the indigents, feeding programs for the undernourished children, SPED support, PWD employments, hands-on distribution of medicines to her constituents in all barangays of Asingan, promoting the interests of the youth through scholarship grants to college students, financial aide to underprivileged but deserving elementary and high school students are among her outstanding humanitarian efforts.

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