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Barangay Domanpot



None of the old folks could tell the name of this barangay before it gets its presents name DOMANPOT.

The old folks could only remember stories told and retold that this barangay was a (fearless), wilderness suitable for agriculture. The fearless Aeta were the first settlers of the place who lived for years until they were driven away to the mountain fasted of the Sierra Madre, by the Malays. The fertility of the land was famously known far and near. Many of the people from the neighboring places as well as far places wanted to settle to this place because of its fertile lands. Many of these newcomers were caught by the hostile old settlers and were either imprisoned or killed.

As the years passed, more and more settlers came to this place and many of their belongings were found grabbed or snatched by the old folks and settlers. Not long after, the new and old settlers became friends and named their place “Domanpot” deriving from the word “dampot” meaning to grab, seize or snatch.

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