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Many, many years back, Barangay Coldit is used to be a former sitio or part of Toboy, Municipality of Asingan. According to the old/folk, this place was formerly surrounded and full of thick full grown, trees. Likewise, some thorny trees. Because of this kind of close space condition, there was no, at that time a passable road or way of access to and from their place of dwelling or place of earning a living. So they were obliged to pass or used to pass over a river containing an itchy kind, of water.

According to them every time they passed this passageway they felt a tinkling on their different parts of their skin with a desire to scratch it off. From there on the words “COLDIT” was conceived which originally came from ILOCANO words “kalbit or kalabit” (sudden touch jerkily) because of that effect of very itchy water on that particular river which is now part of irrigation facility of AGNO RIVER.

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