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Baro is as old as the town proper of Asingan because it was once a part of the Poblacion. In a big conflagration, the southern portion of the town was razed to the ground, became distinct and was separated. After the fire, residents of that portion now called their place “13aro” which means new in Ilocano.

Physio-graphic profile — North of Baro are Poblacion West and Poblacion East. On the east lies the Barangay of Bantog; Domanpot on the West and Barangay Sanchez on the south. As it is a very small area, it has no political subdivision but there are three zones. The land area is plain, no hills to climb and no canyons. On its eastern side flows the Chico River, where a sitio is located which they called “Pannagidan.” Baro has a land area of 954,374 square meters. Distance from the Municipal Hall of this barangay is 550 meters and can be traveled in ten minutes by walking and four minutes by tricycle. It has a rich natural resources. Except those lots where the homes of the folks are built, the rest of the land area are devoted to rice and vegetables, dominantly eggplants, corn, tomatoes, camote and other crops that can easily be raised. No forest in the area. Fish, too, is available along the Chico River and rice paddies but not enough for the people.

Socio-Economic profile — There are about 2,963 people residing in the barangay, consisting of 655 household as of 07/3I/2012: Male — 1,463 and female — 1,500. By zone of residents are as follows: Zone I – No. of households: 265 with male population of 618 and female population of 608 or a total population of 1,225. Zone II — No of households: 227 with male population of 512 and female population of 519 or a total population of 1,031. Zone III — No of households: 163 with male population of 334 and female population of 373 or a total population of 707. Most people of Baro speaks the Ilocano dialect, some Pangalatoks and Tagalogs. The aborigines were Pangasinenses, then Ilocanos from Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur and La Union who came to reside. Dominantly, Roman Catholic is the religion of the barangay with 65 percent and 35 percent of other denominations such as: INC, Espiritistas, Methodist, Jehovah’s Witness, 7th Day Adventist, Mormons, JMC and other Born Again groups. Tricycle is the most common transportation facility used within the barangay and to the Poblacion, followed by bicycle, tribike, handtractor (kuliglig or Pogpog), car/sedan, owner type jeep and passenger jeepney, Closed-van. IL


The barangay has constructed a Barangay Hall{newly repainted with yellow-courtesy of Mayor Heidee G. Chua, in time for the Brgy. Assy. on 19 March 2011} at Zone II, installed with Air-conditioning, Telephone (Digitel-out-of-order), Water-Dispenser, TV & DVD facilities. There is also a library (A Mini-Library is now being under construction, a project of the SK spearheaded by Alexcia May V. Madrid with the Sang. Brgy. {2007-2014) for the youth and children. Below the annex building (Mini-Library) is the vehicle garage for the Dump Truck, Patrol Car & Van and a Session Hall on the second deck, adjacent to the proposed Computer Room. A Plant Nursery, playground facilities (slide, swing and see-saw) and a basketball court put up by the SK officials, including renovation of the, Comfort Room for male and female and for children’s toilet on the barangay lot at Zone II beside the Barangay Hall. For the farmers, a Multi-pupose  pavement was constructed and a concrete atage for NGS’s affair during Christmas, Valentine and special occasions/events. An additional structure infront of the barangay hall is the Waiting Shed given by Vice-Mayor Heidee G. Chua, now the Mayor of Asingan. Also, located at the Barangay Hall is the “Botica sa Barangay” courtesy of Ge. Hermogenes C. Esperon, Jr. & Dra. Lorna V. Esperon.

The Barangay Health Center and Daycare Center were at Zone III, where a Midwife, Barangay Health Workers and Daycare Worker do their services for the barangay. The Sang.Brgy. acquired a vehicle (a Mitsubishi closed van) and a Mini-Dump Truck for barangay use on Solid Waste Mgt. program arrived on Sep. 11, 2009. On the private businesses, we have: three (2) Palay Buying Centers,an Air-Condition & Refrigeration shops, two hardwares, two computer houses (with Internet), Medical Clinic, a men & women’s Beauty shop, Carenderias and a general upholstery and the Lavarias Subdivision at Zone I, a furniture shop, a Palay Buying House & a Ricemili at Zone II , a swimming pool, restaurant, resort and gym at Zone Ill and thirty-four (34) sari-sari stores on all zones.We also have the Salvation Army School for Nursery, Kindergarten, Prep, Grade Schools (Primary/Elementary) and First Year high school, Rural Bank & PR Gaz house distributor located at Zone I. On the Spiritual side of the barangay, the Salvation Army Corps stands at the western side of its school at Zone I at Bautista Street. And during the first Monday of each month, the Barangay Officials observes its Flag Raising ceremony, afterwhich the assigned Minister of the Salvation Army Corps holds a Devotion at the cottage behind the Barangay Hall.

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