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1. Registration of Birth / Marriage / Death
2. Issuance of Certified True copies of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates
3. Registration of Birth (Attended by Midwives)
4. Registration of Birth (Attended by Hilot)
5. Delayed Registration of Birth
6. Delayed Registration of Marriage and Death
7. Registration of Legal Instruments(Legitimation Acknowledgement Affidavit to use Surname of Father
8. Registration of Foundling
9. Application issuance of Marriage License
10. Supplemental Report
11. Endorsement of Civil Registry documents
12. Issuance of amended Birth certificate (with Judicial order)
13. Issuance of annotated Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate (with Judicial order
14. Petition for Correction of Clerical Error (CCE) Under RA. 9048
15. Petition for Change of First Name (CFN) Under RA. 9048
16. Out of Town Registration/ reporting (Birth, Marriage, Death)

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