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Jobs Fair for JAPAN on November 14, 2014

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To All Job Seekers Please be informed that there will be a Jobs Fair for JAPAN on November 14, 2014 (Friday) at the Hon. Francisco A. Sapigao Cultural & Sports Center, 

– Welding 
– Scaffolding work
– Framing construction work 
– Bar assembly work
– Plumbing work 
– Lathe machine Operation
– Metal press operation 
– Plastic Molding
– Machine Assembly finishing work
– Electronics
– Construction Painting work
– Metal Painting work
– Industrial packaging work

Qualifications for Applicants
Must Be: 
– Filipino Citizen
– 20-26 Years Old – Production Operator (Female)
– 20- 30 Years Old – Agriculture / Automotive / Welder / Laundry (Male /Female)
– No tattoo
– NSO Authenticated birth Certificate (STRICTLY not late registered)
– No Operation marks in any part of the Body
– Ex–Abroad on related skills is an advantage but has been in the
Philippines for two years after his/her return

Additional Requirement for Agriculture Skilled Applicant (Trainee):
– Graduate in BS Agriculture (optional)
– At least two (2) years in BS Agriculture
– Major in Crop Science/Animal Science/Horticulture/Agronomy; or
– At least High School Graduate but With Experience In Farming



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