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Inaugural Speech of Mayor Heidee Chua


Thanks yen and Kagawad. Jerone, the Hon. Judge Teddy Bauzon – thank you for the time. Members of the SB headed by Vice Mayor Carlos Lopez jr, Liga ng Barangay headed by Coun. Crispin villanueva, members of the Barangay Council, BHWs, CVOs. The Academe. Fellow partners in service, fellow Asinganians, friends, guests, gentlemen and ladies, A wonderful morning to each and everyone

Inaugural Speech


Today marks another milestone in my life. Another history unfolds in our municipality. Today, I thank everyone for the sacred mandate you once again bestowed upon me.
As I took my oath of office before you and before the Almighty God, I also took my vow to our beloved town, Asingan, to perform my duty the best I can.


This is my second term as the Local Chief Executive of Asingan. This only proves that we, Asinganians are intelligent voters who believe in performance and detest hearsay. This is also a confirmation that we are ready to face the “change” we were once afraid to encounter.


By the concept of change, it means to become different, to undergo transformation. And what do we want to transform? We want to transform our municipality towards development. We are a second class municipality today. With courage and vision, we shall become first class municipality and gradually become a city.. And who is with me with this vision?  kindly shout Arya Asingan!


But in order for us to crystallize our dream , it requires collective action. I challenge everyone to get out from your comfort zones and by all means, do something to show that you care for Asingan!  We need you as our partner in service. We need your initiative, your concern, your imagination, your commitment so that we can achieve better things for our municipality. Society’s ills can never be cured by the sangguniang bayan alone, much more by the mayor alone.  Hence, Unity must be a covenant between each of us here today.


Moreover, It’s high time to set aside politics. Go for real service. We have had enough of bitterness and faction among us. It is now a time for healing the wounds of yesterday. Let us now learn from our mistakes. Let us now set aside distrust. Let us work together, laugh together and pray together. We are all children of God. Let us be an instrument of His love and a channel of His peace. Let us not waste the opportunity to live happily here on earth. As my mom will always say, Life is beautiful. . .


“This second time around, we will not only care and protect our children but also we will give attention to the mothers. Health and sanitation are everybody’s concern, so we will make sure to prevent all kinds of sickness by providing our constituents enough information and health services.  Understanding the application of gender and development is one of the main issues that needs to be addressed, empowerment applies to everyone.

Agricultural advancement is a battle cry. Rice sufficiency is the main concern. That is why we’re going back to the basic farming.

Creation of livelihood and community wealth is a much needed source to eradicate poverty, the head of the family should not bear all the burdens but also the family members should help. Micro entrepreneurship is the name of the game this day in order to survive.

Awareness and action on climate change is a global issue, we will also help and combat its effects. To have a total transformation, we have to renew our faith and moral excellence. This will also combat crimes in our community.

The youth of today is the hope of tomorrow. We will arm our youth with education and skills. Education and employment is one of the main thrusts of our program. Expect an increase number of municipal scholars inThe coming days and job fairs to ensure employment. To complete the roadmap, we have to give support to every sector of our society. The senior citizens, the ofws, the pwds, the underprivileged.

We are all a Part of the system. It must work in equilibrium. Hence, all sectors must be given their due share. In order to make these happen, our municipality must be equipped with much needed revenues to sustain this services. This is how our governance work.

This is how we can achieve our vision. This is how Chua Cares for you. To reiterate, we need your participation, your full cooperation. Maaasahan ko ba kayong lahat? Salamat po.”


To digress a little, I just want to share with you the things I have learned in this arena. That the hardest tasks on earth are not physical nor intellectual feats, but spiritual ones -To return love for hate;To be humble when persecuted;To forgive without apology;And to be able to say “I was wrong”.


Greatness can never be achieved by the words we say but by the things we do through hard work and prayers. Every victory we gained is a product of effort and determination. We must not only dream, we shall achieve and move the world. I have gone through the mill and came out perfectly polished. I may never have attained the highest position of our town without the persons who stayed with me through thick or thin.


Inaugural Speech Mayor Heidee Chua


My dearest husband, Dir. Peter Chua, with you, I can always endure the test of time. I love you lakay.


My most precious gifts- Ira, Ivan, Ianne – you are my inspiration. The persons who brought me in this world, my parents-engr. Federico Ganigan and PB Zenaida  Ganigan-you are and will always be my courage and wisdom. Mama Norie, I am truly blessed to have a mother in law like you. Uncle Ben and auntie Puying, you are also a blessing.My siblings, manang fe, bong and nan and their families- who are always ready to give an all out support for every endeavor i take, I share this victory.To uncle Em, who had been my knight with shining armor, always ready to take the battle with me, I owe you a lot.To all my relatives, my aunties and uncles, friends, fans, fb friends and ASINGAN PANGASINAN – who stayed behind me no matter what, you are priceless.


My team- coun. Melchor Cardinez, coun. Mark Abella, coun. Darly jhon Apuyod, coun. Allain Sindayen,

coun. Crispin Villanueva, Coun. Virgilio Amistad, kgd. Jerone Lavarias, coun. Edmundo Samilin,  Mrs. Jennylyn Vidal – you have made the campaign trail as easy as it gets. I will always treasure our friendship. You will always be my partners in service.To all my dear leaders who believed in my cause and worked really hard for this victory, you are all a part of my life. To you, I share this triumph.


To the Chua’s angels, who volunteered and spent tireless time to make the campaign worthwhile, your wings made me fly. To the Asingan Ministers fellowship, your prayers were turned into miracle. You are indeed a blessing. Thank you so much for keeping my feet on the ground.


To all the municipal scholars who unconditionally contributed their time to make this affair a memorable one, thank you.


To all the 11,897 Asinganians who casted their votes on me, I will always treasure your love and trust.

God bless you!To all of you,  who prayed for me and who supported me in this journey,  mula sa  aking puso, maraming salamat po.

To God be the glory!
This is your lady mayor, Heidee Ganigan Chua signing in-again.

Arya Asingan!

Inaugural Speech Gymnasium

With a promise to continue the race towards progress and prosperity, Mayor Heidee Chua’s speech was welcomed with applause from every corner of the gymnasium.



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