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Historical Background

Old folk believed that when the Spaniards came to colonize the Philippines, they settled and occupied at the different places of the country. It was happened, probably, during the year 1566-1598. Later, Americans came also to help and set the people free from bondage of the colonizer. In vivid words, after the Spanish regime, Americans occupied the Philippines.

During that time, when the American soldiers passed into the road going to Binalonan, they met “two boys” who were going to catch fishes in the river. Because the soldiers were strangers in that place, they were interested to know the name of the place where they were. One of the soldiers asked information from the boys whom they encountered by asking what they should call the place where they are.

Instead of answering them, the two boys bow their heads as a sign of courtesy they’ve learned from the Japanese soldiers. The soldiers kept on asking questions what place where they are, and the two boys can not understand English Language kept bowing their heads. Then the soldiers concluded and instilled in their minds that the name of the Place is “TWO BOYS”.
Further, a well-known and influential person constructed a communal canal for irrigation that benefited the whole barangay. Barangay used to extend from a portion of Barangay Palaris.

Barangay Toboy is located in the Northern Part of the Municipality of Asingn. It is bounded on the North of Barangay Palaris, on the South by Barangay Macalong, on the East by Barangay Coldit and Barangay Sobol on the West. It is four (4) kilometers away from the Town Proper and five (5) kilometers from the National Road.

Political Subdivision
The Barangay is subdivided into seven (7) Zones wherein each Zones is manned by a Barangay Kagawad, wherein designation of each sector was made thru votation among themselves, and household lists are being handled by a Barangay Health Worker

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