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Historical Background

Every name has its own story. Its acquisition varies due to ethnical belief and tradition. From a legend so credible and incredible, name source paly around the romances and conflicts of human beings. And afterwards that acquired name sounds on us to be music of identification and makes us the living exponent with of its importance.
Barangay Sobol has its genesis of settlement and story of its name that this writing painstakingly takes into account the varied related stories by the old folks not to end with misfeasance. That this phenomenon of origin maybe read with clarity.

Sobol may not be an odd story for it is as usual to that of what you read from the book of legends and myths. So, to begin with, when the time of antiquities called teachers and Pedagogues, the Ilocanos the whole world as far have recorded their history as settlers, pilgrims and itinerant to every promising land of abundance with the noblest aim of settling for economic grandeur. This was the dispensation of animal pulled vehicles struggling against holy trails and mire and when man called the hut, “calapaw” the hat, “a balangot”; the slippers “the pallokas”.

There were to husky men the adamant to settle a land have reached this place. With two puppies, two kittens, two carabaos, and two carts, they began to clean the forest unmindful of disease, “take-balang”stories and other supernatural harricades after building their communal thatch. For survival, they hunted rampant wild beast qualified for food day by day and gathered numerous eggs scattered among tall and low grasses. In their daily search and clearings, they found a crystal-clear soring which is filled with fishes appearing like the lost paradise by imagination.

No law except the conscience prohibited the “kaingin system” at that time. So, these two sturdy made clearings and planted seeds they brought. They tilled and planted the chaste fertility of their clearings that at their own surprise, he harvested more that their expectations.

During their night time conversation as they were sharpening their “panabas” each showed his love to the place but as they laid down for rest each felt solitude that their bountiful live could not suffice their happiness having the first thought of who will inherit those of what they are striving for.

They decided to return in Ilocos for marriage promising each other to get the most beautiful woman in the place where they are they woe, to offer them the dowry more than their request. But before living the tranquil place where their dogs and cats will only secure the place against the rats and borers, baptism, a Christian doctrine buzzed persuading-ly in their minds. One who was bit wiser said that the place should be given by a name in memory of their pioneer work . The wiser meditated to cut their surnames, so they can scrubbed until finally a sweet sound came at last which was ” Sobol”, an acronym for “Soberano and Olivas”, the pioneers.

At their return from llocos with all the fulfilled dreams most that marrying the most beautiful women another look from their faces singing like mistrel with their balangot looking for a brakeless and carbonated romance. As they begot children plus other settlers who came, Sobol, the place of Soberano and Olivas which means spring of beautiful people in thought and in deeds form into a populace of a Barangay. That’s all.

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