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Barangay San Vicente West


Historical Background

San Vicente West was formerly a part of Barangays Dupac and Macalong. During the year 1090, most of the settlers were from Barangay San Vicente West, Ilocos Sur. When the population grew, some of the leaders decided to form a Barrio and they called it ” San Vicente West “. They named it in memory of their beloved community from ‘locos Sur who are hostile to other people who came and settled and made this place as their permanent residence.

This barangay was divided into four (4) zones and there were two (2) sitios named sitio Nangar-aroan and sitio Mallid. This place is a well known of making pottery products, such as jars and flower pots, because the quality of the soil is good. Most of the people in San Vicente West are farmers. The land area of San Vicente West is almost 296.71 hectares. This year 2012, there are 2,495 total population according to their survey,552 total of households and 644 families, Many family members are in abroad because of poverty.

They cannot find a job here that’s why they went abroad to work as domestic helpers. Barangay San Vicente West has changed now. The barangay road is already concreted, the barangay hall, the barangay health center and daycare center have many improvements too. Many projects have been implemented through convented effort of the municipal government and the barangay . San Vicente West is now committed to the vision of improving the lives of the people in the community through pro-active, dynamic and responsive local governance and to consider peoples participation and optimal utilization of available resources towards change and success.

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