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Barangay Cabalitian


Vision: Cabalitian is envisioned to he one of the most progressive and productive communities of Asingan.

Mission: To capacitate barangay leaders for the effective and efficient delivery of basic services and facilities to the constituents.

Historical Background

We really never knew the birth of Barangay Cabalitian, although by old folks that our place was existed in great numbers of “Balete” trees in the early days. Huge portion of the area are covered with different kinds of trees and grass. It is likely compared to a natural forest a character of nature state. Barangav Cabalitian was observed and noted for its fertile ground that can produce good crops. A lot of people who hasd come to live permanently mostly came from the llocos Region, roads are not yet developed except for marks or sign in the form of a long line which serves as a trail of passage way of settlers. Tore were no means of transportation for carrying people or goods from one place to another walking is the best way method of travel.

The present administration really wanted to know and dig up records how our Barangay came into existence. Inquiries from different agencies of the government whom we could be of big help still have no written records available, but even though no lad.’7s really came out regarding the existence of our Barangay, the Philippines, in general was re-discover by the Spaniards on March 16, 152’1 and with their influence in government, eduction culture and tradition, they created the municipalities and barangays. Laws were likewise promulgated until finally land disposition was granted by means of “titulo torrens” and subsequently by other modes one among others was the carJastrai survey that formally created the existence of Barangay (Abolition and retaining its name up to the present.

Under present day this barangay is bounded on the North by Barangay Sanchez, on the South by Barangay Carosucan Norte, on the East by Agno River, and on the west by Barangay Domanbot.

Political Subdivision
This Barangav is longitudinal and is divided into six (6) zones represented by one (I) Sangguniang Barangay Member each.

Cabalitian Ecological Profile CLICK HERE 



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