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None of the olds folks could tell the name of the barangay before it got its name

It was told that Bantog during the olden times was inhibited by Negritos who lived by hunting, fishing and gathering wild fruits. They had no permanent homes. They roamed from place where fruits may he had. Later, they moved to the North when settlers started moving in
The first settlers in Bantog were the Ilocanos who came from Pidigan, Abra, sometimes in 1879 headed by Don Pablo Parinas and Don Vicente Parinas. Don Vicente late moved to the Poblacion where he become the “Kapitan Municipal” or Municipal Mayor from 1881 to 1884. Don Pablo remained in Bantog with the other settlers. More Ilocanos immigrated to the place some years later coming from Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur. Abra and La Union.

Farming was the main occupation although some were engaged in weaving basket , hats, mats ropes, fishing nets and clothes. When the American came, they set up a training school in Asingan and some of those who were trained were later assigned to teach Bantog.

Don Pablo Parinas proposed the conversion of Bantog from a barrio to a municipality and this was endorsed by Don Vicente Parinas. In 1902, the proposal was approved by the provincial authorities and the Municipality of Bantog was created. Less than a year, later, how ever, the provincial authorities withdraw its recognition and Bantog was reverted to its original classification as a barrio due to its financial inability to sustain the status of a municipality.

As it was the most thickly populated barrio, Bantog was divided into 2 in 1890, creating Ariston as a distinct barrio. Ariston later grew faster that Bantog and on September 27,1971, Ariston was divided into 2, giving birth to Ariston Este.

Bantog and Ariston grew progressively together as years go by. The three barrios became prosperous because of abundant harvest in their fertile farms. Many professionals and Businessman emerged, adding prosperity to the entire community.

Bantog is located north of Sn. Manuel, Pangasinan, south of Sta. Maria, Pangasinan, west of Poblacion East, Asingan, Pangasinan and east of Ariston West, Asingan, Pangasinan.
Bantog is approximately three kilometers from the town proper of Asingan. It has a total land area of Ninety Nine and 44/ 100 kilometers. Of this about 75% of agricultural land and 43% of Residential lot.

Soil type is characterized as clay loam and sandy suitable for agricultural crops like rice, corn and vegetables respectively.
There are seven (7) zones and four (4) Sitios in Bantog. The Sitios are called Departe, Cabaruan, Aragaag and Capangpangan.

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