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During the early days, our town been settled first by our sub-origins, the Aetas. Then they were driven away to the mountains by the early llocano settlers from the north that came to look for wider and richer land to cultivate.

When the Spaniards arrived and ruled over the country, they founded our town Asingan, in the year 1689 and the license to establish it as a town, Asingan, was granted by the Governor -general in 1730. then barangays were formed by the leaders who came from the llocos provinces and settled here. Those who decided to go farther eastward from the town proper crossed the river, now called Chico River, found that this placed as a very rich land, full of green forest, grass and herein lived different wild animals, such deers, wild pigs, monkeys, birds and the river full of fish, such as dalag, ar-aro,sayungin, susay, catfish (paltat), crabs, shrimps, and edible weeds.
According to our old folks, the first llocano leader who led his men to settle in our placed was Don Pablo Parinas. They made this forested land into a fruitful and a happy place to live in. it was told that the “Bago” people from Abra led by Don Pablo Parinas were the first settlers to inhabit this area. Hence the tribes family names begin with mostly letter “P”, such as Parinas, Paculan, Paasa, Partoriza, Pascoy, Pacaba, Palado, and Perez. Then the next wave of arrivals from the different parts of ilocos Region were the Matudio’s, Gorope’s, Santilla’s, Salom’s, Aquino’s, Ancheta’s, Collo’s, Milian’s, Villanueva’s, Delfin’s, Oriane’s, Garcia’s, Liberato’s, Ines and many more.

Those blessed groups of people from the llocos came here with a mission. These were the groups known as “Guardias De Honor” “Hijas De Marias” who came and establish their church, now still standing at the southeast of the Ariston-Bantog National High School, which is now improved and renovated by its officers and members.

And long, before World War II broke out, there was an old devoted religious man named Andres Palado, ” Apong Dares” as his neighbors called him, prophesied and said in llocano dialect, ” It’ sumagmamano pay anga tawen. Adda An nga mangituray ditoy daga tayo nga Pilipinas ket aggapunto iti Amianan”. In a few years from now, there will be a king (ruler) to rule over our country who will come from the north, and this King as told by Apong Dares was the Late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, a native from Ilocos Norte.

Several years passed and the famous place “Bantog” which was settled mostly by the Ilocanos from the north of !locos Region became thickly populated and it has to be divided into two barrios or barangay. And barangay Bantog was situated on the west of the wide street (now MilIan Street) and Ariston was on the east of the same street. Then as years passed by, Ariston became thickly populated and it has divided into two barangay. During the Marcos administration, Ariston became Ariston West and Ariston East. And from this barangay Ariston West some leaders in our province whose parents came from ‘locos Region were produced, like Governor Rafael M. Colet, Governor of Pangasinan from 1986 to 1992. Gov. Colet’s parents were native’s of Abra. We also have the Late Congressman Luciano Milian, elected as Representative of the 5th District of Pangasinan on November 1957 to 1968, the son of Don Amadeo Milian, a native of Abra from the llocos region.
Today Barangay Ariston West is noted for its very busy and industrious farmers who now possess mechanized from implements, like water pumps, mini-rice treshers, motorized farm tillers (kuliglig), jeepneys and trucks for transporting passengers, fruits and vegetables and also electric appliances, such as TV sets, radios, refrigerators, in their homes. These things are the fruits of our farmers unending efforts in making our barangay a modern barangay of our town, Asingan. Furthermore, most of the residential have a potable drinking water connected with the Ariston-Bantog Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association and with water sealed toilets. And those with concrete permanent residences are owned by families with OFW’s abroad.

Ariston West is located from the North of Sta. Maria Pangasinan, the South of San Manuel Pangasinan, the West of Barangay Bantog, Asingan, Pangasinan and East of Ariston East, Asingan, Pangasinan. Barangay Ariston West, Asingan, Pangasinan is approximately 3.5 kilometers from the town proper of Asingan. It has a total land area of Two Hundred Seventeen and Eighty Three (217.83) hectares, of this about sixty five percent (65 %) is agricultural while Thirty Five percent (35 %) is residential.

Soil type characterized as clay loam and sandy suitable for Agricultural crops like rice, corn, and vegetables respectively.
There are seven (7) zones and four (4) sit ios in Barangay Ariston West, Asingan, Pangasinan. There sitios are called Caniogan, Departe, Kawakan and Kapampangan.

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